Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Lesehan Malioboro - Jogja Culinary Tourism

Between Culinary Tourism, Nostalgia, and Unique Atmosphere
As an icon city of Yogyakarta, Malioboro does offer a variety of attractions to be enjoyed, whether for shopping, just a walk, or just sitting relaxing in front of Beteng Vredeburg. Until now, Malioboro still has a strong charisma as a place that has always been the center of attention of every tourist who comes to Jogja. Whether it's local Tourist mapun foreign tourists, almost never absent for a visit to Malioboro each time coming to a city renowned as the city of Student and Cultural city. (Haryadi Suyuti)


Likewise with Lesehan Malioboro (traditional restaurant) as an inseparable part of Malioboro Area as a whole that offers a variety of traditional culinary  jogja like 'gudeg', fried chicken, fried pigeon, until the seafood, the main attraction for visitors and tourists who come to Malioboro. Lesehan Malioboro in question is located in the north Jl.Perwakilan up in front of the Hotel Inna Garuda. Lesehan stalls along the street lined with various activities of an integral, hawkers, street artists, to show art that helped to enliven the atmosphere.

Had a bad image inherent in Lesehan malioboro associated with a set price and a perceived lack of comfort. Some visitors complained about high prices of food in Lesehan Malioboro. Complained about the number of hawkers passing, even singers that kept coming one after another as long as they enjoy the dish. I read a series of bitter smile vent on a site that discusses the Lesehan Malioboro.

And that makes me feel disturbed by the image that is ... in such a way Lesehan Malioboro was never empty of visitors. So, what makes people still want to come to Lesehan Malioboro? Because of that, I am interested in doing this research ... with the headline "The Effect of Product Quality Cuisine of Motivation Visits in Lesehan Malioboro" I tried to figure out what exactly is the motivation of people still visit (repeator) to lesehan Malioboro.
If you're one of what I mean, please to give a reason why you keep visiting Lesehan Malioboro ?....
     Because of its food and drink ?
     Because of her service ?
     Because the presentation ?
     Or because the atmosphere ?
     Or... is there another reason? ...

Ed&photo by Inayatul Ilah

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  1. dah pernah coba warung sushi angkringan ZUSHIODA blum??

    tempatnya yang ada di Jakarta:
    Jl.Tebet Raya No.55c (samping seven eleven - 711)

    yang di jogja:
    PKL resto Mrican jl.Pringgodani – Catur tunggal - Yogyakarta
    (sebelah Predator bilyar)

    cukup siapin aja budget Rp.20ribu buat makan, minum, kenyang & puas!!